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PCB Design & Manufacturing

PCB Assembly services, with quick turnaround and prototyping at state-of-the-art facilities.

Inventory Optimization Scheduling

Optimize your supply chain with JIT, off-site warehousing, and scheduled ordering services.

Quality Control

Product defect inspections, full inventory inspection, spot inventory inspection, and more.

Warranty & Return Services

Warranty processing, restocking, and return/replacement assistance.

Procurement Services

We can you find discontinued, hard-to-find, and discounted refurbished parts.

Logistics & Import

With a global network of suppliers, we provide door-to-door customs and import services.

Key Services

Risk Assessment

We provide comprehensive data on lifecycle monitoring, regulatory compliance, and cross referencing.

Supply Chain Optimization

Track manufacturing centers, supplier dependencies, potential, and real-time disruptions.

Supplier Health Monitoring

Manage risk associated with suppliers’ financials, mergers, patent litigations, and rankings.

Real Time Updates & Alerts

Get real time updates and notifications on any status changes related to your order including natural disasters and disruptions.

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